a collaborative web-based
programming environment

Update, April 2013: Google has disabled the ability to connect gadgets to Google Spreadsheets, so Cologo no longer functions. You can still enter commands in the demo box above. This site is preserved for posterity. And who knows, maybe someday I'll revive the project with a custom collaborative editor.

Thanks for your interest!

— Dan

Cologo is a web-based tool for learning and experimenting with computer programming. You write Cologo programs in Google Spreadsheets, and run them in Google Gadgets. Cologo is a faithful variant of the Logo programming language, and includes a turtle graphics system.

It's a spreadsheet!

It's collaborative!

It's a gadget!

It's free!

To get started with Cologo, see Getting Started. You are invited to join the discussion group. If you encounter a problem while using Cologo, you can report a bug.

Cologo requires a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled. Turtle graphics requires a browser that supports the HTML 5 Canvas, including Firefox 1.5 or later, Safari 3 or later, and Opera 9 or later. Internet Explorer supports the canvas with a plugin, and you can also use Cologo without the canvas. If the demo at the top of this page is working, your browser is supported.