a collaborative web-based
programming environment

In addition to the documentation on this site, the following resources are available for users and contributors of Cologo:

For Students, Teachers and Other Cologo Users

You are invited to join the Cologo Google Group, a forum for discussing Cologo. We'll post major announcements to the group, and everyone is welcome to ask questions, share projects, and discuss using Cologo for learning, teaching, experimenting and more. We're very interested to know what you think about Cologo, so please tell us what works, what doesn't, and how you feel Cologo could be made more useful.

If you've discovered a recurring problem with the Cologo interpreter (the gadget), please consider adding it to the Cologo issue tracker.

For Cologo Contributors

Once the early versions of Cologo have been cleaned up a bit, we'll be releasing the source code for Cologo under the GNU General Public License version 3. From that point on, the project will be managed using the Cologo Google Code project. The project site includes the issue tracker, a source control repository using Subversion, and hosting for developer-contributed documentation. When the first set of source code is posted to Google Code, we'll make an announcement on the Group.

About Logo

Cologo is a faithful variant of the Logo computer programming language, and many books and websites about Logo can be applied to Cologo: